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Click here for R/C Flight School Training guides!

Programming Radio - Knife Edge Coupling Issues

Use the following guide to Dial out coupling issues when performing the Knife Edge..

Programming Radio - Knife Edge Coupling Issues - Click to view!

Flight Trimming Guides and Chart

With repeated flights, and adjustments based on the recommendations on the chart attached, you can dramatically improve the flight handling characteristics of any plane towards that elusive goal of a totally 'neutral' flying plane.

R/C Flight Trimming - Click to view!

Exellent Servo Linkage Guide!

Use the following guide to properly choose the safest control horn and servo arm holes.

Exellent Servo Linkage Guide! - Click to view!

Rudder Pull-Pull Wire Explanation

Use the following guide to help you determine the which pull-pull system is right for you.

Rudder Pull-Pull Guide! - Click to view!

Checklist to fix a plane by 3DHS

'Checklist for when you are asked to fix a plane at the field'. .

Checklist to fix a plane... - Click to view!


Gallery Photos

Colin Bell Heli Videos

Colin Bell 2011 - July 23 SSRCFC Fun Fly

Video 1 - Click to view

Video 2 - Click to view

Video 3 - Click to view

Simplified Aresti diagrams - Click to view!

Aresti dictionary - Click to view!

To check out the IMAC On-Line School click here:

On-line IMAC School!

The IMAC On-Line Judging School is built on the Microsoft Silverlight Platform.  This is included on many browser installations.  However if it is not already installed on your computer, you may be prompted to download and install it.  This free plug-in is an Official Microsoft product, and is certified safe.  Just follow the prompts to install it.

IMAC: Dedicated to competitive sport of radio controlled Scale Aerobatic competition.