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Most people think that flying a R/C plane is a simple task. The reality is that it takes many hours to learn how to fly. We have a new member training program to help our new members learn to fly. One of the biggest mistakes is to try to learn to fly on your own. Take the time to find a club near you and take advantage of the experience the club members have to offer. Flying a plane means more than just keeping it in the air. There are many parts in an airplane, you should learn the function of each and how they affect flight.




Club membership fees for 2018 are $100.00 for a full member, $40 for an associate member (non Flying) and $5.00 for Juniors (under 18 yrs as of Jan 1, 2018). Optional $2 for a gate key.

If you wish to become a member of our club, please contact: Secretary/Instructor - Andreas Ritter


To join our club and fly model aircraft, it is mandatory that you also join the Model Aeronautic Association of Canada (MAAC). Among other things, they provide members with $7,500,000.00 in liability insurance. MAAC fees are $80.00 for Open members and $10.00 for Junior members. You can join MAAC on your own or the club can submit your MAAC application on your behalf when you join our club. Proof of MAAC membership is mandatory when you join our club.



We have a training program for new members. The program includes instruction in basics of flight, one on one hands on flight training using either your own plane or the club trainer plane, and safe operation and care of the equiptment. This program progresses at each individual's own rate, some people may complete the program in a month while others may take the whole season to complete. The aim of this program is to promote safety and provide you with the opportunity to have fun while you are learning.

Training nights are on Monday`s from 4:00 pm on. Rainday Tuesday if weather permitting


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Beginning May 2nd 2018: Training nights are on Monday`s from 4:00 pm on. Rainday Tuesday if weather permitting at 4:00pm.


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